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Small group study bundle. This study is designed to be used in a group setting, but can also be done on your own. The purpose of this study is to enter a deeper, more meaningful time of worship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ during the Christmas season.

Prepare Your Heart for Christ - 8 pk

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  • During Christmas, we can be so distracted by all the traditions this world has added to the celebration of the birth of this baby. We have to-do lists, obligations to keep, money to spend and people to please. But what is the real reason for the season? Christmas is about us celebrating and worshiping the one and only living God and His mercy and grace toward us. A way has been made! Do you celebrate the season for what you can get from it or whose favor you can earn? Or do you celebrate your relationship with Jesus and give Him the best gift you can offer, the gift of yourself in worship to Him? As we prepare our hearts for the coming Christ, we will discover a new way to celebrate the Christmas reason.
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