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Retreat and Workshop Topics


Choose from the following topics for your next retreat, workshop or luncheon. 


Do you have a specific theme or topic for your event? We can schedule a time to

chat and I'll create a customized talk just for your group. Send me an email at


Because each event has it's requirements and variables, prices will be determined after consultation.

Living in the Light of God's Love: Walk This Way


Based on topics from the study on 1 John.

  • A Longing to Belong: Joy in Relationships

  • Because I Said So ... Love at It's Finest

  • My Pleasure: Following through Humble Submission

  • I Know, I Know .... And You Can, Too!

  • Compassion, Courage, and Confindence

  • Count Me In, All In!

Prepare Your Heart For Christ: The Christmas Reason


Based on topics from the Christmas study on worship.

  • New Beginnings

  • A Life of Learning

  • Sacrifices and Suffering

  • Joy Comes in the Morning

  • A Life of Worship

Created for Such a Time as This
  • Willingness to Trust
  • Stand Up and Take Your Place
  • Bow Low and and Surrender


A Journey of Faith: One Step at a Time
  • The First Step
  • The Current Step
  • The Next Step
The Living on Purpose Library
  • Extraordinarily Special

  • The Noble Life - Safe and Secure

  • Planned, Prepared and Practical

... and others!

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